If you are not a better person tomorrow than you are today, what need have you for a tomorrow?


Day 12. What a busy busy day. All of that aside, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking… how many of us are stuck in a rut of a routine that we only notice our own lives.. how many of us think of ourselves before we think of others? I’ve never thought about myself as a selfish person… but I have been making it a point lately to try to put others before myself. My playful banter will never end with anyone I talk to, my family will always come first,  and I will always be competitive and I will never be shy when I’m in my creative state of mind, but I am trying to be more understanding of what people actually need, even if it’s not something they tell me they need. It can be something as simple as sending a text that makes someone laugh.. because who doesn’t feel better when someone randomly makes you smile 🙂 or it can be something like recognizing  my husband is tired and telling him I’ll take care of everything and let him go to sleep super early… there are days where I need his help and then there are days where he needs mine as well.. it’s give and take… it can be offering to help the older woman at the grocery store reach the items on the top shelf, or trying to help a mom with a special needs child (having a meltdown) in the middle of the store – this one I learned isn’t always an easy situation to approach, but being a special needs mom myself I have almost a heightened sense for when someone needs help and not just sympathy stares – sometimes your help is appreciated and sometimes it’s taken out of context and you get told off because they are so use to being judged and not helped… if that isn’t backwards.. I don’t know what is…but it doesn’t hurt to try to make someone’s day a little easier… a little brighter.

With each new day we have a chance to become a better person, take a risk, work on our goals, and make someone smile. The world is full of people who are too afraid to do anything because they fear what others might think… I think it’s our job to help our friends, family, and even complete strangers to feel comfortable in their own skin and let them know we believe they can do anything their put their mind to… you never know who that person in the seat next to you will become, after all…




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