You can have the worst crap in the world happen to you, and you can get over it; All you’ve got to do is survive


Day 6. It was 70 degrees today.. the sun was shining and the wind was warm.. exactly what I needed today. As I was out and about running errands.. I started thinking.. (what else is new, right?).. I was thinking about all of the other people driving. Who were they.. where were they going.. are they having a good or bad day.. are they jamming out and singing their heart out like I currently was at that moment? 🙂

Then I saw the motorcycles.. I saw the older couple wearing only sunglasses going 70mph on the freeway.. then I got into town and I saw the guy with his girlfriend on the back of his bike.. neither were wearing helmets…I saw the group of guys wearing their bandanas and sunglasses and I thought back to the time when I was barely 16 and on the back of a bike.. we reached 112mph.. then I thought back to when I was about 21 and how I was wearing my flip flops and my friend (who I recently went to visit in prison) was going over 100mph and I didn’t have a care in the world except that I was afraid I was going to lose my shoe..

Flash forward to April 4th, 2009.. I was on the back of my now ex husbands motorcycle.. we were on Rand Road (also known as Rt. 12) in Illinois.. at 5pm on a Friday.. so rush hour in the suburbs at it’s finest.. we were wearing helmets and we were going only 30 or so mph.. but someone in a rush decided to turn in front of us as we were crossing the seriously busy intersection. He hit the brakes on the bike and all I remember thinking was ‘is this what it feels like to die?’ and ‘why is he flying that way if I’m going this way?’ I flew about 20 feet before my head hit the pavement and slid a few more.. my adrenaline was so high that didn’t even notice that I was scraped up and bleeding. I started to pick up the pieces of the bike (for whatever reason, I still have no idea to this day why I thought to clean up immediately) and I remember a woman coming up to me to make sure I was ok.. all the while I could hear my ex yelling out numbers and letters over and over and over.. only to realize that the guy driving the car was taking off.. leaving two injured 20 something year olds and a totaled bike in the middle of one of the busiest intersections known to man kind.. within a minute there were cops everywhere.. and the guy who actually helped me out on the ambulance happened to be the same guy who’s hair I would cut the following week at random while at work… sometimes how small the world really is amazes me some days. Overall, we were ok.. x rays confirmed that later on that night.. but mentally.. I never had the same fearlessness again that I once had while on a bike.. every bump we would hit in the future, every person who cuts me off, every young couple going for a joyride not wearing the proper gear.. every thought of how many times I didn’t wear a helmet, the right shoes or pants…luckily.. I survived.

I will forever be thankful that God was watching over me.

Sweet Dreams

One thought on “You can have the worst crap in the world happen to you, and you can get over it; All you’ve got to do is survive

  1. Every day we should be thankful for merely being able to get up in the morning and survive the day. I know how it feels to have something traumatic like that happen to you. When I was in the mental hospital the second time, my roommate hung herself in the bathroom and died and now I have PTSD. Hang in there xx

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