Accept People How They Are


Day three. 65 degrees and full of sunshine.. not much more someone could ask for during February in Wisconsin.. except me.. today I was ‘off’. If I had to guess, it’s probably because at 8am on a beautiful Sunday morning, I was working. Working from home for over 5 years has had it’s toll on me. It’s very hard to separate work from personal life.. it’s very hard to not be the stay at home mom everyone thinks I am…most people don’t even think I work because I’m all over the place some weeks, but I make my own hours so when I’m not on in the morning, I’m probably on when most people are asleep.. bonus of working from home is that I can work anywhere I have internet access.. so when I take a week ‘vacation’ I’m probably working half of the time I’m there…

I’m trying to find a balance now with work, a new baby, my daughter, the animals, therapies, doctors, dishes, laundry and other basics like a social life.. and you know that one guy, my husband.. the man who accepts me as I am on a good or bad day.. and is always offering to help when I become overwhelmed with all of my daily tasks. Sadly, I think this is taking a toll on him as well even though he won’t admit it. I will forever be grateful for his kindness and acceptance and I am jealous of his calm temperament.. if he’s having a bad day, he doesn’t show it.. he just keeps smiling. The world would be such a more peaceful and happy place if more men were like him.

Today we hung out with my in laws. We never got to celebrate Christmas and birthdays with them all at once this year, so today we did. It was nice to see the kids and family and just visit with each other. Definitely a good way to end the week.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a more ‘on’ day…nothing perks me up more than watching The Walking Dead on Sunday night 🙂

Sorriso, domani e un nuovo giorno

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