Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward


Day 8. I woke up a little anxious, but it ended up being another calm and happy day. Everything just kind of worked out… until about 5pm.. somehow I was making dinner while finishing up a work project (my computer was literally on half of the stove top so I could stir and type at the same time), feeding the baby, reading (more like reciting) ‘Princess and the Pea’ to my daughter and attempting not to look like a hot mess all at the same time before our tax appointment tonight with my friend, Fred. Sweetest old man. Regardless of his sweet demeanor.. I hate doing my taxes. I don’t like how long it takes, I don’t like seeing money disappear.. just not a fan.. but it’s done and it all worked out in the end.

I’m currently debating going to sleep or working a couple of hours still tonight.. I have about three hours of work left to put in for the week, but my eyes are on the verge of closing even while writing this.. I will say that writing every night has been helping my anxiety tremendously for whatever reason, but I’ll take it.

I have a problem with knowing when to stop, but I think that now and in this moment, I am going to stop and rest my eyes.. tomorrow is a new day and I can always finish my work up tomorrow morning before horseback riding.. sounds like a good idea to me.. sometimes I have to remember to slow down.. forward is forward, after all.

Sweet Dreams

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